If you’ve ever explored a new city, you’ll know a map is the first thing you reach for – especially a free one! Our maps are beautifully designed and easy to follow (Joburg can be difficult to figure out) which makes them the best out there - that’s why Gautrain chose MojaMaps for their official maps. They’re printed twice a year and distributed by Brochure Management at over 300 racks around Joburg.
This vibrant map with zoom-ins of the arts districts of Joburg (Rosebank and the Parks, and the CBD) was produced for the 2010 Fifa World Cup and the months following. An initiative of the Joburg Art Gallery and Goodman Gallery, the map also had advertisers from across the creative arts spectrum. We received countless requests for maps for galleries, events, launches and openings – and have limited numbers left, so please contact us soon if you need copies!
An initiative of the City of Joburg Region F, the inner city map was designed to enable visitors to explore the revitalized Johannesburg CBD and surrounds. It points out galleries, music venues, pedestrianised streets, outdoor artworks, restaurants and museums. The map format follows the same elegant and clear MojaMap style. A reprint will depend on the City of Joburg, but if you’d like to advertise next time please contact us and we’ll keep you on the list.